Saturday, June 8, 2013

Dead Lifts

One of my favorite exercises is the dead lift. I wanted to show you a few videos of my progress with the dead lifts. I haven't dead lifted in a few weeks due to using improper form and a back injury.

Before you start dead lifting...remember form is KEY. First stand behind the barbell. You want to take the bar from the floor to around your hip/waist level. Your hands should be about shoulder width apart and even. I sometimes "reverse a grip" meaning I use one hand under the bar and one hand over the bar. 
Your butt must stay down and your chest up. Ladies, as AWKWARD as this essentially have to flaunt your chest. Push it forward as much as you can. I know this is me. But it helps your form. I like to find a spot on the wall straight ahead of me to help keep myself from looking down. You need to look straight ahead and keep your back straight. Lower your bottom down to pick up the bar. Keep the bar as close to your body as you can. You should be lifting with your legs and feel the lift in your legs. If you feel it in your back, you might not be standing straight or have the proper form. Keep your chin up and eyes on that magic spot on the wall. 
You should pull the bar up until you are to your hip area. 

Here are a few videos..The first one is about 30  lbs ago, the second one is about 20  lbs ago.

In the first video you will notice I don't stand all the way up. That is a BIG mistake. I am sharing this with you because at the time of the lift, I didn't know that. It wasn't until I watched the video back. 

Here is my first video (Taken in December) 115 LB Dead Lift

My trainer was telling me "that's far away from your body" I am sharing this so you can see my mistakes and how to fix that.

Here is the second video 135 LB Dead Lift 
You will hear my trainer telling me "Chest Up" If you notice that because I am not standing straight up. Your back should be perfectly straight.  I recently dead lifted 155, and hurt my back because I did not stand straight up.

I guess I need a video that I actually do the lift 100% right. I'll work on that :) Haha!

If you wanna see a correct dead lift..but with mega weight...check this one out from my friend and former trainer! 500 LB Dead Lift

Till Next Time

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