Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Cardio, Cardio and MORE CARDIO!

I don't know about y'all but CARDIO is something I DREAD! I have to literally make myself do it. On my cardio days, I seem to have no motivation at ALL! Why is that? It's not that hard, you play music and get on a treadmill...right?
For me, I really am starting to just hate it! So I thought, *maybe* it's the routine that I am dreading so much...why not switch it up a bit? So I am giving High Intensity Training  a spin! This should be interesting.  Basically, you are sprinting for short amounts of time. Boy, does it give you a workout! I am also rarely just walking on a treadmill. I am trying to jog longer, and run faster. To read more about this check out Shape Magazine.
Another cardio idea I am trying more of is the Jacob's Ladder Excerise Machine! Check it out HERE! I love this machine! The first time I did it, I was totally dying to make it to anything over a minute. Now, I'm up to about 15 minutes! It gives your total body a workout plus burns a TON of calories! If your gym has one, I totally recommend trying it out!
What is your cardio routine? I am wanting to try out some other routines out,so please share!!
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  1. I have always had a philosophy about running....You should only do it if you are being chased! I absolutely HATE it! But thats probably because I royally suck at it to. Who likes doing something they are bad at right? The thing is, all of my friends actually enjoy it!???

    My boyfriend is obsessed with the show "The Biggest Loser". Interestingly enough we would watch it while eating dinner and sitting on the couch. One day he told me that there was a "Biggest Loser 5k" happening and he wanted us to do it. This was my worst nightmare. But to make him happy I did it. I signed up to walk it though because I knewI would never be able to run that far.

    The day of the race, I walked briskly the whole time and ended up coming in 5th in my age class! That got me thinking that I could build up to being able to run a full 5k. That is what got me started really running. I downloaded the "interval Run" app to my phone and am using it to build my endurance. Its really working. I can now jog for 5 minutes straight which sounds sad but its really an accomplishment.

    I still cant say I enjoy "running". But when I see improvement I am happy. I am going to RUN a 5K in May called Color Me Rad, hopefully this will make for an enjoyable experience.