Friday, February 22, 2013

Staying Fit on Vacation

I'm on vacation this week.  I'd like to say that I am somewhere warm, lying in the sun.  Unfortunately, I am at home and staying inside since it is 18 degrees out.  So I'm going to pretend.

I know you are saying, I don't want to work out on my vacation!  Wherever you go, you are there to see the sights and relax, not spend time in the hotel gym, right?  Right!  So I won't tell you to use the hotel gym, unless you really want to.  Then go for it.

I'm talking more about staying active while on vacation (yes, you might need to get out of that lounge chair by the pool!).

My husband and I went to Hawaii on our honeymoon this past summer - it was amazing!  We did relax in the sun, but we also went hiking and learned to surf.

Look at me go!

At the top of Diamond Head crater.

In November, we went down to Atlanta, Georgia where we got in some hikes as well.

Stone Mountain

My husband's favorite place to visit is New Hampshire.  When we go in the summer, we go hiking and kayaking.  In the winter, we ski and ice skate.

Even if you don't like hiking, walk around the town while shopping instead of taking  a car.  You will see more and be up and moving at the same time!

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